Yoni steaming herbs – Cleansing 5 Steam Pack



Vaginal steaming works in much the same way as steam inhalation does to help to ease blocked sinus, by dilating blood vessels and stimulating blood flow, as well as allowing the body to absorb the volatile oils released by herbs when they come into contact with hot water. The Cleansing Mix is designed to help to bring on an absent period, improve circulation in the reproductive organs, and reduce painful menstrual cramps. It includes herbs such as rosemary, which is antiseptic, marigold which helps to heal wounds and lemon balm which soothes cramps.

This is the strongest blend of herbs available – and they help to clean out the uterus and improve blood circulation to the pelvis.  They also help to balance the vaginal flora, tone vaginal tissue, clear out excess mucus and old menstrual residue and nourish the reproductive organs.  This blend is suitable for post-partum care; regulation of long menstrual cycles (28 days or longer); women on oral contraceptives; women recovering from miscarriage; and for those experiencing scant or absent periods.


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