Yoni Steaming Herbs – Purifying Blend 5 Steam Pack



This blend is formulated for women who have excess vaginal discharge and infections or viruses that accompany it.  It includes herbs that help to kill bacteria, yeast and viruses whilst expelling toxins, getting rid of excess discharge, reducing inflammation and deodorising and resetting a healthy vaginal flora balance in the reproductive system.   This herb formula is suitable for those women with infections, inflammation, HPV, STD’s, viruses, irregular pap smears, cervical dysplasia or cancer – all accompanied at the same time by excess vaginal discharge (“damp” vaginal health conditions).


Sufficient dried herbs for 5 yoni steams, presented in a beautifully-labelled white tin-tie bag.  Silica sachet added to keep herbs fresh and dry.

All of our herbs are naturally grown without chemicals of any kind.  In the event of seasonal unavailability, it may be necessary to substitute any of these herbs with one(s) of similar benefit.

Full instruction booklet included.


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