Premium White Sage Incense



Smudging has been traditionally used to safeguard against negativity that could interfere with sleep. Some research suggests that sage contains compounds that could help ease insomnia. It’s used to improve sleep and soothe anxiety.

Other Benefits of Smudging

Healing Abilities

White Sage has been known for its medicinal properties since centuries. It offers excellent anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that promote health and prevents infections. It also acts as a stimulant and is sometimes used to treat digestive problems.


Apart from spiritual cleansing and health benefits, another very practical use of sage is aromatherapy, the ability to leave a long-lasting fragrance. There are many spaces in and around our house that stink, cleanse them with smudging, and leave them smelling good for weeks.

Premium White Sage incense sticks are handcrafted for quality fragrance. They are a good choice for cleansing rituals and to infuse positive energy within a confined space and being, for clarity of thoughts and healing. They are also commonly used for aromatherapy and as a home air freshener.

  • Meditation, Purifier, Cleansing, Prayers, Healing, Wisdom, Longevity, Clarity, Knowledge, inspiration, Psychic Protection, Divination, Wealth


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